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Christian Campus Ministry



To spread the light of Christ for the benefit of humanity (pro humanitate).

Our Vision

Because we believe that our mission is to spread the light of Christ for the benefit of humanity. . .

We Commit Ourselves to:

  • The proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The dynamic partnership between biblical faith, Christian tradition and the educational enterprise.
  • The celebration of the sacredness of all life through worship and ritual.
  • The enhancement of the dignity and welfare of each individual.
  • The establishment of a just and humane campus environment.
  • The modeling of a prophetic witness for justice and peace.
  • The guarding and calling forth of the spiritual dimensions of the entire university community.
  • The telling of the faith story which brought Wake Forest University into existence and sustains her.


Athletes in Action
Rev. Joe & Kim Haynes, Staff
335A Reynolds Gym
Home:  336.923.2513     Cell:  336.408.6351

Baptist Student Union
Rev. Chris Towles, Baptist Campus Minister
338D Reynolds Gym
Phone: 336.758.4547

Liz Orr 1Catholic Program Director
Elizabeth Orr
19 Reynolda Hall
Phone: 336.758.2507

James FranklinEpiscopal Student Fellowship
Arriving Soon: Rev. James D. Franklin III
338D Reynolds Gym


Kevin Boyd 7.15InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Kevin Boyd, Undergraduate Staff
338A Reynolds Gym
Cell: 336.891.0624

Adwoa Asante 7.15InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Adwoa Asante, Undergraduate Staff
338A Reynolds Gym
Cell: 540.467.4888


Lutheran Student Movement
Rev. Laura M. Wind
Campus Pastor
Phone: 336.765.6211

Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Fr. Deacon Constantine Shepherd
Campus Minister
Cell: 336.399.4655

Presbyterian (Church USA) Student Fellowship
Rev. Glenn Otterbacher
Campus Minister
Phone: 336.784.7451

John Bourgeois 2Reformed University Fellowship (Presbyterian Church in America)
Rev. John Bourgeois, Campus Minister
335C Reynolds Gym
Cell: 804.767.0123

Dave JacobsonCollege Life (A ministry of Salem Chapel)
Dave Jacobson, Campus Minister
Cell: 336.306.4648


Wesley Foundation (United Methodist Campus Ministry)
Rev. Larry Jones, Campus Minister
338C Reynolds Gym
Phone:  336.306.3802

photo (10)Athletes in Action
Lindsay Kerr, Chaplain’s Office Deacon
335A Reynolds Gym
Phone: 610.573.8963

Administrative Assistant, Campus Ministry
Pattie J. McGill
335 Reynolds Gym
Phone: 336.758.5248