Sacred Spaces

The Wake Forest University Office of the Chaplain believes a student’s encounter is what becomes sacred. It isn’t necessarily an exact space. WFU has many spaces that invite students to encounter themselves and what may be sacred internally and externally from them. Wait Chapel, Davis Chapel, Reynolda Gardens, the Meditation Room, the hidden corner gardens outside of Wait Chapel on the quad, and the portable labyrinths that help students regain focus and find peace through the practice of meditative walking. Each of these are spaces which invite something sacred into our student’s lives, no matter her/his faith tradition.

Wait Chapel Interior

Wait Chapel, Wingate Hall

Wait Chapel has a way of nurturing the community. It happens within the chapel and just outside while on the cherished benches.

Davis Chapel Interior

Davis Chapel, Wingate Hall

“What we take there and what happens there makes a space sacred.”

Jill Crainshaw, School of Divinity
Blackburn Professor of Worship & Liturgical Theology

Meditation Room

Meditation Room, Benson University Center Room 404

“A sacred space is where you sit and do nothing, but are still entertained.”

Provost Emeritus Edwin Wilson

Reynolda Gardens, Reynolda Village

“We have an addiction to external stimulus”

Jay Ford, Professor
Chair, Department of Religion