Our Mission

Rooted in the fundamental belief that there is a spiritual dimension to existence, the Office of the Chaplain provides care that is grounded in wisdom and informed by compassion.

The Vision

Empowered by the wisdom of our prophets and ancestors, the Office of the Chaplain animates the motto Prohumanitate.

DEI Statement

The Office of the Chaplain is committed to contributing to a more open and affirming campus community, particularly for those that are marginalized at Wake Forest University. We plan to do this by challenging ourselves through the discomfort of navigating our privileges and our role in the oppression of others. We intend to resource our BIPOC staff and students in order to promote an equitable and inclusive environment. In the spirit of the wisdom of our ancestors and prophets, we maintain responsibility for positively impacting the spaces we inhabit.

The Office of the Chaplain commits to the following action items to help promote diversity and inclusion at Wake Forest University:

  • Reallocate the budget to include a prioritization for the work and professional development of our BIPOC staff and student organizations.
  • Encourage and allocate budget spending for training and education of white allies amongst the staff.
  • Ensure that lounge spaces that are occupied by student organizations within the purview of the Office of the Chaplain are available for use by under-resourced student groups.
  • Incorporate an accessibility checklist when planning events, and accessibility information in marketing materials.
  • Expanding signature programs from the Chaplain’s Office to include representation of traditions from non-Christian Faith and Non-Faith identities, i.e. Interfaith Seder, Ramadan Fast-a-Thon & Iftar, Lighting of the Quad, etc.

Chaplain’s Office

Meet our chaplains

Call 336.758.5210

Email chaplain@wfu.edu

Chaplain’s Emergency Fund

Providing financial assistance to WFU students, faculty, staff, and contract workers in times of unanticipated financial hardship. More info here.