In the face of the unimaginable tragedy that continues to unfold in Christ Church, New Zealand, the Office of the Chaplain extends our thoughts, words, and deeds of empathy, support and caring to members of our Wake Forest Muslim community.

The acts of violence committed against a Muslim community gathered in prayer this past week that the good people of the world are horrified and devastated by are yet another manifestation of the recently emboldened, yet ever present, current of white supremacy. As people of faith, we in the Chaplain’s Office raise our voices in the loud lament crying out from all corners of the world and across faith traditions, denouncing this evil ideology.  We open our arms, both as an embrace of comfort as well as a measure of protection to our Muslim siblings; we stand with you, and we will stand up for you against these outbursts of hate.

At the heart of our motto, pro humanitate, lie both realism and hope.  The realism entails an honest recognition of the racism and Islamophobia that exists in our world.  The hope comes from recognizing the potential for alleviating the suffering caused by intentional and unintentional acts of rejection, exclusion, avoidance, or indifference towards the Muslim community.

Our chaplains are available to all members of the university community, of any religious tradition or secular background, to offer confidential spiritual direction and pastoral support.

”Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”



The Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life seeks to support a diversity of beliefs through the multi-faith character of the chaplaincy and its relationship to numerous religious life affiliates. We acknowledge the importance of faith, both in our individual and collective lives, and strive to provide opportunities for members of the Wake Forest community to express and explore their faith in a supportive community. The core work of chaplaincy is rooted in the care of the whole person – body, soul and spirit. As such, a key aspect of our office is to make available pastoral care and advisement for any member of the Wake Forest community – students, staff, faculty, and alumni. This can happen through individual counsel, programming on critical spiritual themes, intervention in medical emergencies, mortality concerns and presiding at key life rituals.

In the Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life we want to expand religious literacy and broaden knowledge of other spiritualties, as well as promote interfaith dialogue and religious ideas that are reflective of our diverse campus. This website will introduce you to our work, programs and religious life colleagues. Navigate this site to meet the chaplains, the Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life staff and religious life affiliates.



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