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Office of the Chaplain

The Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life seeks to support a diversity of beliefs through the multifaith character of the chaplaincy and its relationship to some 16 religious life affiliates. We acknowledge the importance of faith, both in our individual and collective lives, and strive to provide opportunities for members of the Wake Forest community to express and explore their faith in a supportive community. The core work of chaplaincy is rooted in the care of the whole person – body, soul and spirit. As such, a key aspect of our office is to make available pastoral care and advisement for any member of the Wake Forest community – students, staff, faculty, and alumni. This can happen through individual counsel, programming on critical spiritual themes, intervention in medical emergencies, mortality concerns and presiding at key life rituals.

In the OCRL we want to expand religious literacy and broaden knowledge of other spiritualities, promote interfaith dialogue and religious ideas that are reflective of our diverse campus. This website will introduce you to our work, programs and religious life colleagues. Navigate this site to meet the chaplains, the OCRL staff and religious life affiliates.


Woefully pinned from the Office of the Chaplain at Wake Forest University, in the specific light of the two police killings of unarmed Black men on Wednesday, July 6, 2016:


“We acknowledge that soul terrorism is real. There is nothing healthy about fearing that your or a loved one’s encounter with law enforcement could result in a violent death. Because All lives matter, we affirm that Black lives matter, too. Which is to say – all lives will actually matter when black lives are justly guarded and valued by laws, systems, and individuals. For some in our community, there may appear to be an onslaught of videos depicting unjust killings of Black citizens. We acknowledge that the injustice is not new – the cameras and social media are what have changed.  There is justified reason for suspicion within the Black community as it pertains to law enforcement. With this, we acknowledge that many law enforcement officers feel great anguish when these events occur, especially in regards to community trust of the badge and with it the commitment to be positive community servants.  And, while the Administration and Police Department at Wake Forest has actively put in place safeguards to repair the relationship within our community, we acknowledge that our world and the judicial system at large does not treat all lives the same.


Therefore, in line with the mission and vision of the Office of the Chaplain to aid and create an inclusive environment for the total care of the whole person, we swing open our doors to all who need soul care. When it comes to seeking means for justice, we are more than allies – we are accomplices. And to all who do not fully understand or still need to process because you feel racially excluded from these events, we desire to dialogue with you.”

Dr. Tim Auman and Associates

University Chaplain