MindfulWake Book Discussion


Spring Semester 2021
Book Discussion

Mindful of Race:
Transforming Racism from the Inside Out

by Ruth King (Sounds True, 2018)


Join us from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm on the following dates:

February 17
“Racism Is a Heart Disease, and It’s Curable”

February 24
“Understanding Habits of Harm – Diagnosis”

March 3
“Mindfulness – Heart Surgery” (Part 1)

March 10
“Mindfulness – Heart Surgery” (Part2)

March 17
Chapters 15 to the end of the book


Participants will be sent a link before each gathering.

We chose this book because it’s a rare combination of a Black Buddhist teacher writing about both mindfulness and anti-racist activism with compassionate insight and fearlessness.  King, who is both an insight meditation teacher, life coach, and diversity trainer, skillfully explains how mindfulness can open us up to having difficult conversations around racism, colonialism, and other forms of systemic oppression.  She says, “Racism is a heart disease, and it’s curable.”


Please contact Chaplain Auman