Monthly Reflection


A day in the life of my calling….


I arrive at work early most days … to get work done… but mostly to center myself on my calling before everyone comes into work.  My calling!  Yes – this is a job that pays the bills, but more than that – much, much more – is my calling!  Something that I take very serious!  Something that I feel called to do every day!  Something that I am honored to do!  But mostly – something that I feel called to do!

Years ago I felt called to “raise up” the next generation.  I thought that meant working at a church full time and struggled for years over not having that opportunity.  I volunteered countless hours in both children and youth ministries as a way to fulfill that ministry.  I did it with joy and passion!

But then I began working in the Chaplain’s Office.  I realized that my calling had never been to work in a church full time.  I discovered that God uses us in day to day situations and that where ever we work or go is the “open door” to fulfill the calling on our lives.  Each one of us has a calling – no matter where our faith lies or who we serve.  Each one of us has opportunities daily to bring a smile to a wounded soul or bring hope to someone that has none, or simply to share a moment of joy with someone.  Concentrating on that “one” that happens to be in our office or classroom is a chance to fulfill the calling on our lives.  It matters that you care enough to listen and respond to others.

I’ve been around the block a few times and I can honestly say that I have not always “listened or cared” the way I should have and have neglected that call on my life because I was overwhelmed or consumed with my own life events.  Being in the Chaplain’s Office has brought such perspective and meaning into my life – it is difficult sometimes to put into words.  When I take my eyes off myself and open them to the opportunities that God is placing before me – it is then that I can boldly step into the moments to fulfill the call on my life – no matter the generation that sits before me!

So each day begins like the others.  My door is open, the candy jar is filled with treats for all that boldly come into the office to “steal away with something sweet”.  And to the best of my ability, I will look for that “open door” and continue to do the work I am called to do!


Peggy Beckman
Office Manager
Office of the Chaplain


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