Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Clemens of Winston-Salem contributed the Clemens Christian Campus Ministry Fund to support and enhance Christian campus ministry through the Office of the Chaplain at Wake Forest University


These funds were provided to encourage and support existing and innovative campus ministry programming.  We would encourage programs that seek ecumenical and interfaith collaboration.


Each campus ministry group can apply for one grant per year up to $500.


The funds are available to all Christian campus ministries both undergraduate and graduate affiliated organizations/groups.  In order to be considered for this application process you must fully complete the application and submit it by one of the three listed deadlines.  There will be no consideration given to late applications.


An evaluation summary form will have to be completed after the event.


The committee’s selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated needs of the group
  • Evidence of fund raising efforts when applicable
  • The group’s projected program budget
  • Anticipated student impact

Fund restrictions

  • Funds are not to be used for conference registrations
  • Funds are not to be used for t-shirts or other novelty items
  • Funds are not to be used for domestic or international mission trips
  • Funds are not to be used for food or transportation

*Exceptions to the above listed criteria will be considered


All applications should be received by the deadline date.

  • Fall Projects:  September 15th
  • Spring Projects:  December 1st
  • Summer Projects: April 30th

Send the completed applications to Peggy Beckman, Clemens Christian Ministries Grant, Office of the Chaplain, Wake Forest University, P. O. Box 7204, Winston-Salem, NC  27109 or via email: scooper@wfu.edu