Wake Forest University Meditation Group

This group started informally in the spring of 2011.  The group shares interest in various Buddhist meditative traditions, and comes together to practice meditation in a predominantly, though not exclusively, Zen style.  Participants, who come from different religious traditions, meet to learn and support one another in individual meditation and mindfulness practice.  Sessions generally last 30 minutes and involved seated meditation (zazen) for 25 minutes and walking meditation (kinhin) for 5 minutes.  Periodically, we will invite teache

Whether you’ve never meditated or have been practicing for years, the meditation group can offer support for a new practice or an ongoing one.  Chairs, cushions, and benches are all available to support you in sitting whichever way is most comfortable to you.  This drop-in group requires no registration and is open to all.

This group meets in Davis Chapel.

Spring 2015 Schedule:
Currently not meeting.

Please direct inquires to aumantl@nullwfu.edu

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