Reading Between the Lines

A mentoring program through the Office of the Chaplain that focuses on students’ spiritual lives as they grow at Wake Forest as a whole person.  With a faculty/staff mentor, students explore one-on-one how spiritual story is being written between the lines of the story of who we are and what we do in terms of more than merely occupation.

Faculty and staff mentors who participate come from a variety of departments from around campus, but share a desire to provoke thinking, challenge assumptions, and explore theology while offering perspectives from experience to help students develop a mature spiritual understanding of themselves as they continue their academic careers at Wake Forest and beyond.  Students meet with their mentor once a week over a cup of coffee, lunch, a walk in Reynolda Gardens, or whatever makes sense to both of them.  Mentoring lasts for a semester with the option to continue the relationship as they agree.

At its foundation, this mentoring relationship is simply friendship with someone a little more experienced, who acts as a guide to vocational discernment and spiritual formation; provides counsel and pastoral support in times of crises; and most important to this unique mentoring program, helps the mentee recognize the already present action of God.

Reading Between the Lines Application

For more information contact:
Rev. Tim Auman
Office of the Chaplain
22B Reynolda Hall